About Citi Center

About Citi Performing Arts Center

Our Mission

Citi Performing Arts Center is a nonprofit innovator and steward of iconic venues, providing arts, entertainment, cultural, and educational experiences to the greater community.

Our Vision

Citi Performing Arts Center is one of the nation’s foremost nonprofit performing arts institutions. As guardian of historic venues—the Wang, Shubert, and Emerson Colonial Theatres—Citi Performing Arts Center honors all aspects of the performing arts. Through numerous community outreach educational efforts, collaborations, and partnerships, Citi Performing Arts Center strives to educate and inspire greater appreciation for creativity as an essential component to the fabric of our society.

About Citi Performing Arts Center

Citi Performing Arts Center [formerly The Wang Center for the Performing Arts], which includes the Wang, Shubert and Emerson Colonial Theatres, is one of the nation’s foremost not-for-profit performing arts institutions. As New England’s largest cultural venue, it honors all aspects of the performing arts offering theatre, opera, classical and popular music, one-night engagements, and Broadway musicals. As a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization located in Boston’s historical Theater District, Citi Performing Arts Center offers a diverse mix of award-winning and free educational and community programs; collaborates with artists and local performing arts organizations, and acts as a champion for the arts in the Greater Boston community by helping to make the arts an integral part of the community’s collective, daily experience.

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About Citi Center

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